Vision, Mission and Objectives of Study Program

To support the Vision and Mission of Universitas Negeri Padang, Program Education Objectives (PEOs) are prepared for each study program. The Building Engineering Vocational Education Study Program has the objective of creating graduates who can compete in the professional world globally. Graduates must have the ability to adapt and be responsive to changes, and be able to capture and take advantage of all forms of opportunities. Therefore, the objective (PEO) is to produce graduates who at the beginning of their career can work as educators in in the field of Building Engineering Vocational Education which has the following characteristics:

  1. Able to apply building engineering knowledge and expertise for learning in the field of vocational education (Scientific skills)
  2. Able to apply all educational knowledge competencies for learning in building engineering in accordance with Level 6 of KKNI (Education skills)
  3. Possess integrity, religious and nationalist character, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit (Social skills)